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Gabe Kea

Comedian Gabe Kea's unbridled enthusiasm for entertaining audiences is what truly sets him apart. With a personality as big as his 6'5" frame, Gabe melds well-crafted jokes with his comedic physicality to create an unforgettable show. Gabe started performing in St. Louis after spending most of his youth living in both the United States and Canada. He eventually relocated to southwestern Ohio, where he won the 2009 "Funniest Person in Cincinnati" contest. Gabe is a former recipient of Rooftop Comedy's Silver Nail, awarded to those that distinguished themselves in the underground stand-up scene. In addition to opening for popular headliners like Amy Schumer, Anthony Jeselnik, and Nikki Glaser, Gabe can be heard regularly on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show. He recently performed with "Community" star Joel McHale at the 2013 Gilda's Laugh Fest. His interests include hockey, beer, and reinforcing Canadian stereotypes.

Jake Baker

Jake Baker is a very funny comedian currently living in Los Angeles. He as performed in many of the top comedy clubs and has appeared on the Whiskey, Weed, and Women Show on YouTube.


215 N. St Francis

     Live at 215 Performance Theater

*Warning* This video may contain some language that may not be suitable for children or the work place. Proceed at your own discretion . Enjoy!

Thursday, July 2 | Showtime at 8:00

Friday, July 3 | Showtimes at 7:30 & 10:30 

Saturday, July 4 | Showtime at 7:30​