Thursday April 17th | Showtime at 8:00

Friday & Saturday April 18th & 19th | Showtimes 7:30 & 10:00

Loony Bin Presents
The Chinaman
New home of the
Loony Bin Comedy Club

As a young college student, mild mannered Mark Britten was known to frequent the local comedy open mic nights. One drab night, after an uninspiring audience reaction, Mark stumbled into a Chinese restaurant to drown his depression. At that moment, he unwittingly became the recipient of a radioactive PuPu platter, changing his life forever. The exposure infused his vocal cords with supernatural resonation, transforming him into... THE CHINAMAN

*Warning* This video contains some language that may not be suitable for children or the work place. Proceed at your own discretion . Enjoy!

     Live at 215 Performance Theater

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Smoothies, Salad bar, Sandwiches and Wraps!

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