Wednesday, April 1 | Showtime at 8:00

Thursday, April 2 | Showtime at 8:00

Friday, April 3 | Showtimes at 7:30 & 10:00 

Saturday, April 4 | Showtimes at 7:30 & 10:00​

Loony Bin Presents

*Warning* This video may contain some language that may not be suitable for children or the work place. Proceed at your own discretion . Enjoy!

     Live at 215 Performance Theater

215 N. St Francis


Ben Creed

Ben Creed

Ben Creed is an old school comedian. His voice is gravelly, his material is hilarious and brutally honest. He is the kind of performer who you want to take out with you because you know that by the end of the night it will have taken on legendary status. Ben was featured on a video called comedy’s dirtiest dozen with the likes of Tim Allen and Bill Hicks. He is that good. You may have caught him on either of the premier pay channels - HBO or Showtime. A bona fide club favorite any where. If you haven’t already seen Ben then you need to know his angst is your chance at hilarity! His razor edged tongue will take you on a guided tour of life as seen through Ben’s eyes: A night in an urban emergency ward, broken romances, nicotine addiction and fear of flying. He makes the world we live in funnier!

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